Sunday, April 5, 2015

Sea food pho

Used lobster stock snd shimp skins to mske base with star anise, cardamon , cloves andcinamon slowly   simmered for 12 hours with gralic and ginger
Added korean chili paste, cuttle fish, shrimp  bok choy and rice noodles 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday supper inspired by iceland

Icelandic smoked lamb soup with icelandic brown rye bread and brown mustard imported from iceland

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Dinner at grillmarket in iceland

Tasting menu  included. Duck confit salad, smiked duck breast, whale, monkfish, pork ribs, crispiy pork belly, goose and rain deer and a symphony of desserts 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

My Michelin Star experiences to date

EI I was reflecting on my dining experiences over the years and realized that I have eaten at a crap load of  great restaurants including several 3 Michelin Star establishments; Alinea and Grace in Chicago, 
2 Michein Star: L2O, Sixteen, Graham Elliots in Chicago;  Terrazzo Casino, Sanceloni in Madrid
1 Michelin star : Elizabeth in Chicago, Commerc 24 in Barcelona 

Alinea 2011

ALinea 2012

Grace 2013

Grace 2014

Graham elliots 2011
graham elliots 2012

L20 in chicago 2013

 Sixteen  2014

Santceloni. 2014

Terrazzo casino. 2014

Commer24. 2012

Elizabeth 2013

Elizabeth 2014

Stay tuned in 2015. 
Diverxo in madrid, cellar con roca girona 

Dinner at Fish market in Iceland

Nordic cooking at Salt Eldhus in Reykjavik

My second time at this cookung class, to learn about Nordic and traditional Icelandic recipes using local ingredients. this visit included smoked lamb first course, Pan seared salmon with Barley rissotto with wilted spinach and for dessert; rice pudding with watm cherry sauce.